Gary Kayye’s Rants & rAVes InfoComm 2019 LIVE Show Floor Tour! (for short)

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You asked for it, so he’s decided to do it!

For years you’ve asked Gary Kayye to lead a live show floor tour at InfoComm. Well, at InfoComm 2019, he’s teamed up with Almo ProAV (America’s Favorite Distributor and creators of the E4 Experience), and Listen Technologies (inventors of the ListenTALK tour-guide system) to lead the first, ever LIVE show floor tour – we’re calling it: “Gary Kayye’s Rants & rAVes InfoComm 2019 LIVE Show Floor Tour” for short! (haha)

But, it’s only once – one time- on Wednesday, June 12th from 3:30 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. And, it’s limited to only 50 tourists (that’s you, an InfoComm attendee)!

Obviously, this will be a 90-minute guided show floor tour across the entire InfoComm 2019 show floor focused on showing our readers the best of the best! Each tourist will be outfitted with Listen Technologies’ ListenTALK 2-way tour guide headset so you can follow-along with Gary’s narrated tour and product call-outs!

But, The Tour is limited to only 50 people. That’s it, 50 people.

So, register today as there are only 50 total spots. And when they are filled up, it’s full.

rAVe is fundraising for the AVIXA Foundation this InfoComm 2019 show. We’re asking everyone who signs up for the tour to make a donation to the AVIXA Foundation here. Please help support us support the AVIXA Foundation in its goals of providing access to quality skills education, building career pathways, and encouraging valuable hands-on experiences to inspire the next generation of leaders in the audiovisual (AV) industry.

You can donate here.

Sign up here to secure your spot: