DPAA Video Everywhere Summit Archive

Diginar Day 1 Opening Video
A Brief Word from Francois de Gaspé Beaubien
The Frey Residence
Opening Remarks | Day 1
Meaningful Engagement with Today’s Consumer
The Great Global Transformation of Programmatic DOOH
Staying Connected with Fans in the New Normal
How Programmatic DOOH is Driving Performance Results for Omnichannel Marketers
Election, Society Trends and Predictions
Broadsign Spotlight On Greg McDonald
Leveraging Media for Essential Services
Closing Remarks | Day 1
Diginar Day 2 Opening Video
Opening Remarks | Day 2
How the Auto Industry Utilizes Today’s Media Options
Speed, Agility, and the Power of DOOH
Creativity Sparks
New Research: What Agencies and Brands Really Think about Programmatic OOH, Will COVID Accelerate Mainstream Adoption
Reaching Today’s Luxury Consumer
Broadsign Spotlight On Dara Meyer
How to Disrupt in a Disrupted World
Adkom Promo Video
Closing Remarks | Day 2
Diginar Day 3 Opening Video
Opening Remarks | Day 3
Covering the Election
Moments that Matter in Today’s Landscape
Broadsign Spotlight On Diederick Ubels
Reimagining Health and Wellness
How Uber’s New Ad Network Uber OOH is Bringing the Power of Ads and Art, Everywhere
DOOH: Critical to the Public and Advertisers
Connecting with Consumers via Omnichannel and DOOH as the World Reopens
A World Without Cookies: What does this Mean for DOOH?
Closing Remarks | Day 3