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Registration Opening Soon! | Feb. 18, 2021


Webinars have been around for decades. First, they started with audio; then, each webinar platform provider added PowerPoint slide sharing, and about 10 years ago, some of them include some video component. But, for the better part of a decade, webinars haven’t changed a bit. Most of us are tired of them and, more importantly, for the brand that just spent thousands of dollars preparing, curating and delivering the webinar, when it’s all over, “poof” it’s gone.

Meet: LAVNCH & LEARN, it’s like a webinar but way, way, way better!

Hosting a LAVNCH & LEARN on the LAVNCH Platform means that you get the power video integrated everywhere into the platform. And, we’ve added polling, commenting and more! Sure, we do the same stuff all webinar platforms do, including registration. But, we’ve added a whole lot more. With LAVNCH, you get the power to track everything an attendee does. You can see who watched what, what they clicked on and how many poll questions they answered, or didn’t, and if they participated in the comments and questions section, too! But, most importantly, with the LAVNCH Platform, you receive a dedicated LAVNCH & LEARN page to host any content as it relates to the LAVNCH & LEARN event. So, not just your live webinar but you can add product videos, cut-sheets, collateral, product links, make appointments with attendees and have it all live on forever. Or, at least until you ask us to take it down.

And that’s not all. With LAVNCH & LEARN, you also get Gary Kayye and the power of THE rAVe Agency behind it as you can have Gary host you LAVNCH & LEARN with you, help deliver the content, participate in a live Q&A session or be on a panel – on any LAVNCH & LEARN booked. Oh, and there’s one more thing: you also get access to the resources of THE rAVe Agency, including our creative services, project management, production and registration!

So, come on, try LAVNCH & LEARN today!

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