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THE rAVe Agency’s CONSULT service is probably the best-kept secret in the industry. Why? Well, because, in many cases, while we’re working on client projects, we can’t tell anyone about it until way, way later. And, in some cases, we can’t ever promote that the product development, the marketing campaign, advertising creative or the idea came from our consulting team. For over 20-years, we’ve helped inspire, create, market or brand over 60 major products, companies or services. In fact, some of the most successful products in the history of the AV and digital signage markets came from the mind of our founder, Gary Kayye.

So, if you’re looking for an outsourced product manager, a marketing campaign, a engaging trade show story, an idea on how to gamify your product launch or even an original product concept that leads to $70+ Million in sales in less than two years, we’ve done this. More than once.

CONSULT Services Include:

Distribution Strategy

Product Development

Market Analysis


Marketing Strategy

Gary Kayye

Get ready for a speaking event you’ll never forget! Gary will bring his years of industry experience and marketing prowess to your next event or company meeting. His brilliant and accessible talks will educate, entertain and inspire your entire organization.

Whether it’s identifying the future of the ProAV and HomeAV markets, or offering practical advice on how to incorporate digital signage into your company’s offerings, Gary Kayye’s array of technical, business and marketing knowledge can lead your organization to efficiency and profitability.

Ann Kozel - VuWall Corporation

We’ve been working with RAVE Agency for several months now, as an extension to our marketing team, and what a great experience it has been! As industry experts in AV, they were immediately providing excellent and relevant quality materials. It felt like we had been working together forever. Their level of professionalism and service has been second to none, always going the extra mile. It has been an absolute pleasure to be working with the team at RAVE! In addition to our regular work together, they are creative and innovative, always bringing fresh new ideas to the table, helping us get a voice and increasing our visibility. For those that I’ve personally worked with at RAVE… Gary, Ethan, Kristen, and especially Morgan, a huge thank you for all that you do!

Brad Sousa - Chief Technology Officer, AVI SYSTEMS

Gary is one of the strongest voices in our industry. His insights and the customer-friendly way he communicates his experience and knowledge, is a hit at large events as well as more private conversations.

CRAIG Gudorf - VP of Marketing, AVI SYSTEMS

We’ve hired Gary as the keynote speaker for our AVI Live customer events and he’s always done a remarkable job. Not only does he provide great thought leadership regarding trends in the AV industry, he delivers the message with enthusiasm and humor that holds the audiences attention. I would highly recommend Gary as a keynote speaker for any AV event.

Sam Taylor - Exertis Almo ProAV

I have known Gary Kayye for 25 years. To say he has his finger on the pulse of the Pro AV industry in an understatement. Better than anyone else, Gary understands the industry trends and has a proven track record of knowing where these trends will take our market in 3-5 years. Gary is honest in his assessment of products and business strategies in our channel. I have relied on his insight to help grow our Pro AV business first at Electrograph and now at Almo.

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