LAVNCH is a lead generation-based platform that combines the capability of delivering any virtual event you can imagine. Want to convert your analog, in-person two-day conference into a 365-day online virtual conference? LAVNCH can do that. Want to start a virtual conference from scratch? LAVNCH can do that. Want to deliver a Hybrid – combines in-person and online – event to any audience? LAVNCH can do that. Or, would you like to UP your webinar-game?

LAVNCH can do that.

But that’s not all LAVNCH can do.

Would you like to amp-up your webinars with more interactivity, add linear and non-linear content or be able to add more value to a webinar by delivering the webinar on the same platform that hosts all your valuable product content? LAVNCH can do that.
Do you host regional trade shows and wish you could create a virtual trade show that wasn’t just a static booth but included dynamic content that integrated product videos, live product launches, deep-dives into product or tech topics as well as delivered the ability to “meet” with attendees via chat, in real-time? LAVNCH can do that.
Do you wish you could have the same energy at online sales kickoff meetings (SKOs) that you can generate at an in-person meeting? LAVNCH can do that.
And, do you wish there was a publication that solely focused on new product launches so that you don’t have to wait to debut product only in and around trade show season? LAVNCH can do that.

It’s time you met LAVNCH!

LAVNCH is THE rAVe Agency’s new product launch platform that combines virtual events, press conferences, shows, meetings, webinars and a publication to grab an audience’s attention and focus them on you, exactly when you need it and the way you need it.
LAVNCH is new to you but it’s not new to us. We’ve been working on it over here at THE rAVe Agency for a while and it wasn’t borne from just one random idea. In fact, THE rAVE Agency likely has more experience with virtual and digital events than any other company in the ProAV industry. Our rAVe [NOW] talent team created the first, ever virtual trade show microsite for InfoComm way back in 2009. Since then, we’ve created the industry’s largest virtual product library (through video storytelling), having shot and posted over 35,000 product videos that share nearly 20 Million video views on YouTube alone! In addition, we’ve been publishing the AV industry’s #1 e-newsletters since 2003. And, in 2018, we added VR.
So, when we do something virtual and digital, we do it right.


LAVNCH is made up of an ecosystem of lead generation-based delivery systems that all work together in different approached to new product launches. And, it’s not just limited to one, two or even a few different approaches (in fact, it’s five). It’s an holistic approach to tackling the conundrum that nearly every company has experienced: how do you successfully debut new products, technologies, people or concepts so that they grab the attention of the potential specifier, designer or buyer with so much digital and analog product noise?

Simple, use LAVNCH.

Because LAVNCH is a platform approach to marketing, branding, thought-leadership and new product roll-outs, we don’t have a one-size-fits-all solution. In fact, THE rAVe Agency, with LAVNCH, has six (6) ways to use LAVNCH (so far, five have debuted) – all included with our Agency’s creative services, project management, production and registration: LAVNCH WEEK, LAVNCH DAY, LAVNCH & Learns, LAVNCH VTS and LAVNCH BLAST. Read-up on each one, below, so you can pick the right way to use our virtual (or hybrid) event platform; the way that fits your needs OR, maybe give give one and try and then, once you see how well LAVNCH works, you’ll do another using another part of the platform!


LAVNCH WEEK is the platform you use for a 3-, 4- or 5-day event where you want to not only brand yourself, instantly though your own LAVNCH WEEK event, as a thought-leader but also present content that will provide educational value or product launches blanketed with educational information. In survey after survey, it’s been proven that people appreciate new product information if it’s wrapped in an educational experience. And, LAVNCH WEEK, since it’s a multi-day event, offers you the platform to do that as you’re not in a hurry to “get the information out there.” You can take your time with the attendee to earn their trust and invite them to their computer screens and tablets.

THE rAVe Agency has used the LAVNCH WEEK platform twice, in fact, to deliver a week’s worth of educational content and new product launches, but, as a methodology for helping registered attendees see value in attending each day, we themed each day base don market application. Seeing how we used the platform in April 2020 and then again in June 2020 may provide you some inspiration on how you could use it yourself. See the archives here >>

All LAVNCH WEEK events are hosted on a responsive website, developed by THE rAVe Agency UX design. You can host an open-invite or “registration is required” event, and content is streamed LIVE each day using Zoom, that’s natively integrated into the LAVNCH Platform. However, if you’d like to use Teams, an RTMP or RTSP streaming feed, we can host that, too! All LAVNCH WEEK pages can include pre-recorded and native video hosting (behind this same registration-wall) and allow virtual attendees to see the products covered during a LAVNCH WEEK, also new products that are related to the topics discussed. Also, attendees can use the platform to book Zoom video appointments with you; we can integrate product collateral, links and even PDF downloads into your LAVNCH WEEK pages and all LAVCH WEEK events include live polling, chat and Q&A.

The second LAVNCH event that will highlight the LAVNCH platform’s capabilities will be something we are calling LAVNCH DAY.


Any AV manufacturer can book a LAVNCH DAY. Unlike delivering a webinar focused on a new product, posting a video on YouTube hoping it gets seen or even noticed or sending out a press release that some AV magazine just copy-and-pastes on to their website, booking a LAVNCH DAY gives you a focused, platform approach to a new product debut.

Your LAVNCH DAY can be hosted and delivered as either an open-to-all or using a behind-a-lead-wall approach. And, you can decide to invite anyone to a LAVNCH DAY or you have the option to leverage the rAVe [PUBS] and rAVe [NOW] communities. In addition, we can even promote your LAVNCH DAY to our over 125,000 social media connections on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram.

Your LAVNCH DAY isn’t limited in live sessions or product roll-outs in a day but, based on our experience, a typical LAVNCH DAY may consist of a combination of an invitation-only live press conference, a product demo and sales strategy session with your integrators/dealers, a session aimed at your enterprise customers and then may close with a panel discussion — all of this would be delivered live, can be made interactive to ensure engagement, would host all the product literature, URLs and even allow for real-time chat with the various product managers or regionals sales teams AND would be hosted on the same LAVNCH DAY page – in real-time as well as archived for future potential customers to leverage.

So, as you can see, LAVNCH isn’t just a webinar platform. Your LAVNCH DAY would be a dynamic approach to new product rollouts that would be memorable and be able to gauge real interest from the attendees.

The third LAVNCH event that will highlight the capabilities of the LAVNCH platform will be a totally virtual trade show (VTS) using LAVNCH VTS.


Nothing can replace the experience of being in attendance on a trade show floor. But, we think LAVNCH VTS is certainly the next-best thing. But, LAVNCH VTS isn’t just a trade show, it’s a fully customizable trade show and conference even platform that integrates live video presentations, live product demos, a trade show “hall” approach to exhibiting and the ability for exhibitors to not only host product videos, literature, URLs to product specs (in their “booths”) but also to chat, live one-on-one or in groups with attendees. And, of course, collect leads from anyone actually interested in their products.

Unlike the avatar-based 2D and 3D kind-of trade show platforms, LAVNCH VTS is a linear approach to a show that allows for casual show floor “browsing” of exhibitors without the visual interruptions that typical virtual show floors have and without the pushy sales approach. And, attendees not only sit through live educational presentations but they can be allowed (or gated) from browsing the show floor based on the objective of the event organizers.

But, that said, LAVNCH VTS is customizable. THE rAVe Agency can both set-up and manage your event, turn-key, so all you have to do is promote attendance. And, if you need help with that, you can leverage the rAVe [PUBS] and rAVe [NOW] communities. In addition, we can even promote your LAVNCH DAY to our over 125,000 social media connections on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram.


We have over 10 years of delivering a publication that’s solely focused on new product announcements and nothing else, via rAVe SHOWSTOPPERS. But, SHOWSTOPPERS has been exclusively limited to in and around trade shows — and not all products are launched during a show. So, we’ve evolved the old SHOWSTOPPERS format into a new publication that will leverage the technology behind LAVNCH to deliver a monthly publication that exclusively focuses on new products. But, it’s not just SHOWSTOPPERS repackaged. In fact, it not only incorporates trackable links but, it includes editorial coverage and/or video coverage of the products you are highlighting, too. So, in addition to getting an ad for your new product embedded in each issue, you also get a guarantee that it will be accompanied by any and all editorial coverage we have of your company from that month too – and we’ll amp-up the frequency during show months, too. So, LAVNCH BLAST will be sent at least once per month with additional opportunities to reach our readers with both pre- and post-show issues in and around the major AV trade shows. And, all of it will include a report of how many people it was received by as well as the ability to track your leads.






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