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Our flagship talent, rAVe [PUBS], has been around for as long as you can remember. And it isn’t going anywhere. rAVe [PUBS] brings you on-time, opinionated news coverage of the AV industry.


rAVe [NOW] is THE rAVe Agency’s unique live event and trade show coverage. rAVe [NOW]’s comprehensive coverage of events in the AV industry is the best of its kind.


rAVe [CREATE] brings a new twist to digital media and marketing efforts in the AV industry. Operating as a creative agency, rAVe [CREATE] is here to help you build the content you want and inform you of the best way to use it.


rAVe [CONSULT] helps clients understand the industry’s unique challenges and gives them the tools to be leaders within it. Team members, including Gary Kayye and Sara Abrons, have more than 50 years of combined experience in AV.


Brands need strategic storytelling to set themselves apart and create lasting relationships. rAVe [STORYTELLING] has the experience to help you build brand awareness and establish authentic relationships with your audience.


Get ready for a speaking event you’ll never forget! Gary Kayye will bring his years of industry experience and marketing prowess to your next event or meeting with rAVe [SPEAK]. His talks will educate, entertain and inspire your organization.

THE rAVe Agency

Our Mission

We will provide a creative marketing and advertising strategy, as well as an editorial pathway, to make sure the creative is seen, heard, read about and watched by everyone in AV.

THE rAVe Agency has always been here, but it hasn’t been presented in this way. We’ve not only spent 2018 going through a complete rebranding; we’ve also reorganized the entire company top to bottom while growing our team more than 50% in just six months. All this was to ensure that — in addition to continuing to provide the creative development, social media marketing, content marketing and editorial expertise our clients need — we could also add new services like Strategy, UX and VR development. We can also now turn your event, any event, into a 365-day online digital portal. We call this [NOW]; it’s like what we do for shows such as ISE, DSE, InfoComm, Integrate, CEDIA and Almo’s E4 AV Tour.

Whether you’re looking to get creative services from a team of AV experts (eliminating the AV-speak learning curve) or you want to turn your awesome installs into living, 360-degree VR tours — or anything in between — we can help. We are a full-service creative agency focused exclusively on the AV market.

The Team

Gary Kayye

Emily Dean

Anna Hunter

Sara Abrons

Keri Lartz

Morgan Lawrence, APR

Kirsten Sharpe

Megan A. Dutta

Steph Beckett

Bob Snyder

Josh Gangway

Emily Beauchamp

Anne-Marie Barr

Katie Leiser

Abbie Ashford

Kelcie Frye

Bryan Ratledge

Stuart Smith

Jeff Meyer

Carina McDermed