How We Did It

In 2018, THE rAVe Agency’s creative team launched the #AVisLIFE campaign and built it from the ground up.

A good creative or advertising agency knows that you can’t seed an organic campaign and hope succeeds in just a few months. So, we hatched a plan to make it a two-year operation.

It all started pre-InfoComm 2018 as we approached the Vegas event by adding the #AVisLIFE hashtag to any “fun” tweets and Instagram posts we made leading up to and during the show itself. Then we launched this video last year, right before InfoComm 2018:

People walk past the rAVe Booth at InfoComm 2019 in Orlando, Florida

At InfoComm 2018, we gave out 10,000 T-shirts with the #AVisLIFE graphic identity (the heartbeat). We ran out half-way through the final day of the show.

A man poses in from of the rAVe #AVisLIFE mural to take a photo
A photo of the rAVe #AVisLIFE mural

We continued using it consistently throughout the year, even between shows; through social conversations on various social media platforms, we encouraged others to use it too.

It worked.

It has organically become one of the two most popular hashtags in the industry, finishing second only to #AVtweeps in 2019. And, at InfoComm 2019, it actually beat #AVtweeps. Oh, we should probably mention that rAVe RADIO podcaster and rAVe blogger Johnny Mota created that hashtag, too! So it seems like we’re pretty good at creating and curating hashtags.

But now, like #AVtweeps, #AVisLIFE belongs to you. Honestly, that was the best part about creating #AVisLIFE sharing it! And you, the AV community, have started to share it every day. Heck, even our competitors are using it now. So is the staff at AVIXA.

For those of us here at rAVe, AV IS life, so creating that hashtag for everyone to share was natural.

For InfoComm 2019, we amped up #AVisLIFE with a pre-show campaign that included three videos. In case you didn’t get to see them, they’re here:

They were posted everywhere. We had higher numbers of people watch them via social than there were actual attendees of the show.

We knew the #AVisLIFE-style was going to be big. So, we re-engineered the 10th anniversary of THE GAME at InfoComm to include an #AVisLIFE mural.

The idea behind the mural was that it would, through its imaging, represent the wacky world of AV. To get people engaged on social, we created a contest for those who took a photo with the mural, which was incorporated into our booth. We not only provided the photographer but also gave people hard copies of their photos to take home in addition to entering them into a drawing to win a scooter. Cool, right?

An electric scooter parks right in front of the rAVe #AVisLIFE mural

The Polaroid-style photo, of course, included the #AVisLIFE hashtag.

The Results


most-used hashtag at InfoComm 2019


people engaged

1.6 million

people reached online

15.3 million

online impressions


leads for sponsors

The InfoComm show has 45,000 attendees so, yes, we are proud of these numbers.

Are you looking to amp up your campaign-based social media marketing strategy? Well, we hope this case study on our #AVisLIFE Campaign will encourage you to check out THE rAVe Agency and let us show you what we can do.