THE #1 Strategic Partner to Help Build Your Brand. Period.

01. Strategic

rAVe [STORYTELLING] is the strategic communications talent of THE rAVe Agency. Through the implementation of a communications strategy, we will build your brand awareness throughout the AV market.

02. Authentic

We have the expertise to increase brand awareness and establish genuine relationships with your audience. We know how to tell your story and develop a voice for your brand that builds relationships and brand credibility.

03. Engaging

Content development, media relations, dealer and distribution relations, employee relations, industry liaison services, community relations and crisis management all need to be engaging and deliver the right message.


Strategic Communications & Content Development

We’ll establish objectives, key messages and target audiences to develop a road map for communication. We’ll remove the sales and marketing jargon to craft meaningful content that aligns with your marketing strategy and resonates with your audience. Through strategic communications and custom, curated content, we’ll create a voice for your brand that builds relationships and brand credibility.

Media Relations

Even the best story won’t land media coverage without the work that comes before the pitch — both in preparation for contacting the media and afterward to maintain relationships with them. We’ll leverage these media relationships to create a voice for your brand: Through traditional communications tactics, we’ll generate media coverage while also establishing brand recognition with your audience.

Employee Relations

Your employees are some of your biggest assets. Build sound relationships with them to foster positive opinions and behaviors so that they can serve as ambassadors for your brand. We will research, conduct and evaluate programs to strengthen your relationships with employees and create stewards for your brand.

Dealer & Distributor Relations

Engaging your customers through experience marketing, gamification and personalized events will expand your network, strengthen your industry relationships and build brand loyalty. We will develop a strategy for customized programs and events — including headquarter tours, trade show networking and social activities to engage your audience and increase your ROI.

Industry Liaison Services

Our network connects your brand with the people and companies you want to meet in the audiovisual space. We will support your event coordination and logistics, lead management and promotional marketing to help you deliver the right message to your audience before, during and after an event.

Community Relations

Positioning your company as a strong corporate citizen and taking an active interest in the well-being of your community will, in turn, lead to community support, loyalty and goodwill. We will establish and maintain a mutually beneficial relationship with the communities you operate in through support and ongoing programs. Through community relations and contributions, your brand will benefit from strengthened ties and increased visibility.

Crisis Management

Another one of a brand’s most valuable assets is its reputation. We will identify potential emerging issues that could impact your brand and deploy strategic public relations responses. Crisis management is a critical organizational function that predicts problems, anticipates threats, minimizes risk, seizes opportunities, resolves problems and prevents crises.

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