Submit a Product Showcase Video for LAVNCH WEEK


LAVNCH WEEK is a way for integrators, dealers, designers, end users and others in the AV industry to learn about technology topics from industry experts, earn CTS RUs, and see the new or recently launched products from your Product Showcase Videos (which will go in our Virtual Video Library that opens toward the end of each day). By submitting Product Showcase Videos, you can help attendees learn more about your new (or recently announced) product/solution — directly from you, the manufacturer.


Each day of LAVNCH WEEK focuses on a different vertical market. For our second LAVNCH WEEK (June 22-26, 2020), the days will include UCC (unified communications & collaboration) Day, ProAV (commercial AV) Day, New Tech LAVNCH Day, EdTech (education technology) Day, and Digital Signage Day. Depending on the day’s theme, LAVNCH WEEK attendees and viewers could include integrators, dealers, consultants, designers, end users, etc. with an interest in that day’s market vertical and content.


Your Product Showcase Videos will be available for viewing in our Virtual Video Library, only for that LAVNCH WEEK day. The video library will open when the live portion of each day concludes (around 3 p.m. EDT); that way, attendees will see the new products specific to each market and most relevant to them.