How Hyflex & Hybrid Virtual Classrooms

Are Changing Online Education

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November 10, 2020 | 10:30 AM EST

Higher education is facing a challenge in today’s environment, and COVID-19 has added tremendous pressure to deliver training online. Most institutions and universities had to shift overnight from campus-based teaching to remote teaching, and there is now a growing trend toward instructor-led virtual classrooms. But how can we use COVID-19 as a catalyst for innovating on these online learning programs? In this session, Ellen Van de Woestijne, segment director, learning experience at Barco, will share how hybrid and virtual classrooms are changing the distance-learning experience. We’ll discuss how some of the higher education institutes Barco has worked with transformed their learning programs. How? By choosing virtual classroom technology that enabled them to deliver an experience close to an in-classroom experience — while saving on costs, supporting business changes and becoming more sustainable.

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