Who do you want to dunk?

Do you want to dunk Gary Kayye or Chuck Espinoza? 
Who do you want to dunk?

The two loudest mouths in AV have come together for a cause – the AVIXA Foundation. The AVIXA Foundation provides access to quality skills education, builds career pathways and encourages valuable hands-on experiences to inspire the next generation of leaders in the audiovisual (AV) industry.

Donating to dunk is simple:

  1. Pick who you want to dunk
  2. Donate using the form on this page
  3. Show up to the InfoComm 2019 5k to dunk Gary and/or Chuck!

The InfoComm 2019 5k, in partnership between rAVe and AVIXA, will be held on Friday, June 14 at 7:00 am at the North/South concourse at the Orange County Convention Center. To get more information and to sign up, visit here.

Donate here: