Welcome to Our New Team Members!

Welcome to Our New Team Members!

Welcome to Our New Team Members! 1920 1080 Steph Beckett

“Welcome!” We feel like we’ve been saying that a lot lately — and for a good reason! Our team has grown by six since this summer, and we’d like to use this opportunity to introduce everyone briefly. Trust us; you’ll be seeing more of them around.

First up, rAVe [PUBS] has a new assistant editor, Steph Beckett. She has two degrees in journalism (bachelor’s from UNC-CH and master’s from Columbia) because one just wasn’t enough. She loves writing about the cross-section of technology with other subjects, deleting Oxford commas and listening to the sound of her own voice (so she’ll be helping with podcasts soon).

Next, meet Brooke Fisher. She’s THE rAVe Agency’s in-house UX designer/developer. A recent graduate of UNC-CH, she loves all things usability and software design. At the agency, she hopes to make the experience on all of our platforms as easy and user-friendly as possible.

Morgan Lawrence, APR, joins THE rAVe Agency as the director of communications to spearhead rAVe’s new talent, [STORYTELLING]. Morgan brings 6+ years of experience in some pretty neat (and varied!) markets: motorsports, technology and religious organizations. Morgan’s passionate about helping organizations tell their story and is excited to do it for rAVe.

Leah McCann is a copywriter for rAVe. Her time is split between writing for the agency, solving word puzzles/editing for the agency and doing actual puzzles in the office common space (not really helping the agency but who doesn’t love a good puzzle?). She brings both print and digital experience from her time in advertising, with time spent in New York and North Carolina.

Carina McDermed is a Tar Heel born and bred. She’s a creative manager at THE rAVe Agency and works on both client and internal projects. Carina loves the flexibility of her role and hopes to wear many hats as she grows at rAVe!

Last, but certainly not least, Katie Wilkinson comes from a broadcasting background of roughly six years. She also has a fashion and lifestyle blog focused on providing her audience with fashion, beauty and travel trends. Katie hopes to hone her marketing and social media engagement skills as the social media manager for THE rAVe Agency.

We wrote all this to tell you that you might see a few new faces on the trade show floor this year. Make sure to say hi, connect with us on LinkedIn or shoot us an email with anything you think we should be writing about.

See you soon, #AVtweeps!