Intern: Trade Show

Intern: Trade Show

Intern: Trade Show 150 150 THE rAVe Agency

2019 Trade Show Intern

THE rAVe Agency is seeking trade show interns to join the rAVe [NOW] team for InfoComm 2019 and/or ISE 2020. The rAVe team members at trade shows fill a variety of roles that are related to video shooting, experiential marketing, social media, photography, videography and more.

To be eligible, you must be currently or previously enrolled in a section of MEJO 137 or MEJO 477 taught by Gary Kayye at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

What rAVe [NOW] Does at Trade Shows
  1. Videos: rAVe’s unique video coverage of a show incorporates full coverage of the show floor, and the products being featured. rAVe shoots a 1-2 minute product video of each product at a show and then uploads all of those videos (ranging anywhere between 1,500 and 2,500 videos depending on the show) to the dedicated MicroSite for the show. The videos are titled on the basis of the the company, the product and a description of the product.
  2. THE GAME: THE GAME, played exclusively at InfoComm shows, is a unique and fun way to engage both rAVe’s readership and show attendees at InfoComm. THE GAME 2018 is PLINKO and rAVe has two HUGE PLINKO boards to keep attendees engaged and to give them the opportunity to win cool prizes! THE GAME is played on the show floor at scheduled times/locations throughout the day and all day in rAVe’s booth.
  3. Social Media & Written Content: rAVe is THE BEST at social media coverage at an audiovisual trade show. Whether we are listening and engaging on Twitter, keep readers entertained via Instagram Story, or sharing high-level news on Facebook and LinkedIn, rAVe leads the social conversation time and time again during our rAVe [NOW] coverage.
Our Expectations
  • A commitment to the entire length of the show
  • Dedication to working full days (sometimes 9-10 hours)
  • A positive attitude
  • Open communication
  • Professionalism in every facet
  • Completion of pre-show training
  • Your best work ethic
  • You to have FUN
  • Open communication regarding the required time commitment
What You Can Expect
  • Valuable experience in live event trade show coverage
  • “Backpack journalism” experience
  • Lead generation experience
  • Social media marketing experience
  • Written, editorial content opportunities
  • To work hard but be rewarded
  • A competitive salary
  • An expenses-paid business trip to show location

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Interested? Apply below!


    Please select the dates above to confirm that you can attend InfoComm 2019, ISE 2020 or both. Travel is included in the date range. If there is +/- 1 or 2 days surrounding the date range that you are unavailable, please select the option and make a note in the below comments section.
  • It is critical that rAVe [Publications] can trust our staff to represent the company well, act professionally and work hard. This is expected despite the temptation to just have fun in/travel to exciting places.



Note regarding time commitment:

We realize if you’re looking for a job or internship, it’s hard to know your availability for June, so we ask that you give us the firmest commitment possible while keeping that in mind. Generally we expect that when you interview for other jobs or internships, you tell them during the interview process that you’ll be unavailable that week and make sure that’s acceptable. We wouldn’t fault anyone for pulling out if a job or internship said there was no way it was possible, but most jobs would understand if say, your sister was getting married and you were going to be unavailable that week — and that’s the same level of commitment we expect to this internship once we hire you. If you know you’re likely to be in summer school (during which it’s much harder to miss a week of class than during the regular semester) or in a very structured agency internship that makes it unlikely you’ll be able to miss a week, then please let us know that you cannot strongly commit, even if you’re interested. We are happy to write letters to professors or jobs explaining what you’re doing and how it’s valuable to you.

Also, you are able to apply for ISE in Amsterdam only, but please know that very few, if any, interns who cannot also commit to InfoComm for the same year (in Orlando) will be chosen. Because of training and the type of industry, it’s much better for us (and you!) to be able to go to more than one show. We love taking people for multiple years!