Meet the Team: Carina McDermed

Meet the Team: Carina McDermed

Meet the Team: Carina McDermed 6000 4000 Jacob Blount

Meet the Team: Carina McDermed

What do you do at rAVe? I’m technically a creative manager at rAVe but I really do a bit of everything. On any given day you can find me writing social copy, video editing and/or designing graphics for rAVe and our clients. I’m never bored!

Where did you grow up? I’m a Tar Heel born and bred. I grew up in Chapel Hill, went to college in Chapel Hill at UNC and now I’m working full-time in Chapel Hill! I love seeing the world, but nowhere is quite like home.

What is the top of your bucket list? Visiting every continent on the globe. Three down, four to go!

What is your favorite thing to do in Chapel Hill? Live music, live music and more live music. We have access to some of the best art in the country and you can pretty much always find me soaking up the tunes in my free time.

What is your favorite food and why? Thai food! I spent a semester in college in southeast Asia and nothing beats Panang curry with a fried egg on top.

What is your favorite thing about working at rAVe? By working at a small company, I feel needed and valued. My favorite part about being at rAVe is that my small piece makes a difference to the success of the whole team. If one person is gone, we all feel it!

Connect with Carina on LinkedIn and check out her daily shenanigans on Instagram.