Meet the Team: Leah McCann

Meet the Team: Leah McCann

Meet the Team: Leah McCann 1920 1280 Jacob Blount

Meet the Team: Leah McCann

Leah is a Copywriter at THE rAVe Agency.

What is one thing people might not know about you? My first job out of college was an internship at a music publication that began as a Grateful Dead tape-trading magazine. I learned a lot about jam bands that summer, namely Phish. (Possum…possum *builds* …possum *builds*POSSUM!!! *jam*). That summer, I saw maybe 40 or 50 bands at music festivals and concerts in NYC have since clocked in about 100 concerts or festival performances, large and small, in my lifetime. I love live music!

What does your ideal weekend look like? My ideal weekend is a mix of rest and play.

  • Friday: usually my night in with a movie and puppy snuggles with Zoey, my shepherd
  • Saturday: something active, like playing for my intramural soccer team or hiking with Zoey, then maybe dinner out with my partner, B, or cooking in — if we’re feeling ambitious
  • Sunday: breakfast and watching the SNL episode from the night before (this gal can’t stay up past 10 p.m. anymore). Mid-day, the Sunday scaries start creeping in, so at that point, I usually just do housework and errands, which is actually quite relaxing for me. I got that from my mama.

Favorite state to travel to in the United States? Alabama. Home of my grandmama, my favorite aunt (shh) and the Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald Museum. (The Fitzgeralds resided in Montgomery from 1931 until 1932, writing portions of their respective novels like Tender Is The Night while living there.)

If you had to eat one food for the rest of your life what would it be and why? Mexican food. It’s delicious, and it reheats great the next day.

What is your favorite part about working at rAVe? Wow, tough one! I love doing a little bit of everything at rAVe, so that’s probably my favorite part. Even though my title is “Copywriter,” I’m often editing others’ work or offering strategy/creative direction on projects. I love both the creative side and the business side, so rAVe really lets me spread my wings and do both.

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