Why Virtual Events Are Here to Stay

Why Virtual Events Are Here to Stay

Why Virtual Events Are Here to Stay 1200 630 Emily Buchner

Hybrid is a term that needs no introduction. If we received a dollar for every time we heard the word “hybrid,” we’d all be rich. But there’s a reason this term is so popular. It has truly changed the way we live and work. Virtual events sprang up during the height of the pandemic and provided a sense of normalcy, but the need for human connection was always there. With the return of in-person events, we started to stray from online experiences.

There is certainly something magical about in-person events that virtual ones will never replace. But you can’t deny the flexibility, accessibility and freedom they provide. Sometimes, you just want to hop on a call in your pajamas or forget about the stress of a commute. While in-person events are here to stay, so are virtual events. Here are a few of the many reasons why the value of virtual events goes beyond the pandemic. 

Forget food expenses, buying plane tickets and taking an entire week off work. Virtual events are cost-effective and time-friendly. All you need is a computer, wifi and a cozy place to sit. Even though you’re cutting out costs, you won’t be losing valuable experiences. Learn from the same thought leaders, check out new solutions in the industry and network with new friends, all without leaving your couch. These events may be even more valuable to you since you can browse and attend on-demand show sessions at your own speed. Say goodbye to late nights at the hotel catching up on emails and say hello to that extra cash in your wallet. 

Speaking of accessibility, taking away travel expenses and geographical limitations open up events to a much wider audience. Making connections is one of the core reasons we attend these events, but due to the sheer size of attendees and time limits, you’re not going to meet everyone face-to-face. Good thing sending a message online only takes a few seconds. The opportunities are endless with online networking. Attend 1-on-1 sessions, join smaller group chats and so much more. Plus, the ease of saving someone’s online contact information makes following up just that much easier. 

The thrill and energy of large-scale events is exciting, but there is a unique value to personalized and one-on-one experiences as well. Virtual events allow you to create your own experience. During a session, you can take a break in the middle, grab a snack while you watch, pause to take notes, chat with multiple colleagues at the same time, all within a virtual setting. None of which is possible during an in-person show.

It goes without saying that virtual events have proven to be a valuable tool. Their cost-effectiveness, flexibility and usability lend a number of benefits. While in-person events will never be completely replaced, virtual is the new way of the future and should not be overlooked.