What One Year in AV Has Taught Me – A Look Into Four “New” rAVers

What One Year in AV Has Taught Me – A Look Into Four “New” rAVers

What One Year in AV Has Taught Me – A Look Into Four “New” rAVers 1920 1080 Emily Dean

This past year, rAVe grew a little bit by launching THE rAVe Agency and welcoming four individuals — each with their own interests and backgrounds — to the team and into the AV industry. We’ve shown them the ropes, given them a behind-the-scenes tour and explained the ins-and-outs to everything that’s a part of this industry. So now we’re asking them to reflect on their first year in AV and to share with us what they’ve learned. Here’s what they had to say:

Kirsten Sharpe

That #AVisLIFE, of course! In all seriousness, spending this past year in the AV industry has shown me how essential collaboration is. Between working with my own team and clients on projects to seeing how full systems are built with different technologies and products, it’s become clear that AV as an industry doesn’t work unless the people and technology work together.

Jordan Townsend

I have been able to get to know the industry and its structure better, which allows me to create more engaging content, finetune strategies and more. I’m excited to use this knowledge in the coming year to add to our expertise! I have also enjoyed learning about trade shows because I didn’t have much experience with them.

Jacqueline Martinez

I’ve learned how integral the AV industry is to pretty much any aspect of everyday life, so now I’m much more aware of its integration and use around me. It’s encouraged me to think more creatively in both a professional and personal atmosphere, and I can’t go anywhere in public without slightly geeking out — especially museums. Anyways, having my first year post-grad coincide with my first year in AV has been a tremendous learning experience for which I’m truly grateful. I’ve learned not only about the work in the AV industry, but also about how to work in the AV industry — both of which will stay with me for the rest of my career.

Jacob Blount

I was so excited to be introduced, officially, to the ProAV industry two years ago. I’ve been an end user of products produced and services offered for a while now — I started working with products around six years ago from, what I now know as, the ProAV industry. The past year, especially working at rAVe, has opened my eyes to industry trends and growth opportunities. In a not-so-industry-specific sense, it has taught me to look at a marketplace from a 30,000-foot level. One year in AV has taught me that I may have just found my career industry.

We couldn’t be more excited that THE rAVe Agency is growing and that we are doing our part in introducing new talent to the industry. Be on the lookout for Kirsten, Jordan, Jacqueline and Jacob as they are sure to do big things in the coming months and years. They will all be at InfoComm 2019 so if you see them, be sure you say hello!