Meet the #rAVeSquad

Meet the #rAVeSquad

Meet the #rAVeSquad 2048 1152 Morgan Lawrence

Influencer marketing is one of the fastest-growing trends for companies looking to reach their audience on social media. Companies like Samsung, Sprint, FIJI Water and Naked Juice have mastered the art of influencer marketing. But the majority of companies in the AV industry have yet to harness the opportunity of influencer marketing. 

THE rAVe Agency has partnered with a few of our favorite industry experts to launch the #rAVeSquad. And you’ve likely already seen our hashtag on your Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook feeds. The #rAVeSquad is THE rAVe Agency’s fresh approach to influencer marketing in our industry.

Influencer marketing is a type of social media marketing that utilizes brand ambassadors, known as influencers, who have a dedicated social media following and an expert-level presence within their niche. Initially limited to celebrities, influencer marketing was commonly used among B2C brands, but we’ve seen many B2B brands emerge into the influencer-marketing scene in recent times. Influencers are no longer only celebrities; they can be anyone who has built trust with their audience (their social media following). 

It’s no secret that social media has become an integrated part of our lives (whether we admit it or not), and it’s the key reason influencer marketing is here to stay. 

#rAVeSquad is designed to bring a new twist to social media engagement and interactivity within the AV industry. Our #rAVeSquad is a group of industry experts from a variety of niches, including professional AV, house of worship and custom electronics. And they’re sharing their opinions on the latest industry trends with their followers using the hashtag #rAVeSquad. 

We’re excited to welcome the following social media influencers to our #rAVeSquad: 

  • Dr. Frederick Ampel
  • Pete “TEC MAN” Coman
  • Mark Coxon
  • Toby Daschbach
  • Alison Maxson
  • Johnny Mota
  • Kelly P. Perkins
  • Michael Restrepo
  • Scott Tiner

Visit our new rAVe Squad site to learn more about our ambassadors. Keep up with the latest industry news by following the #rAVeSquad and @rAVePubs on social media.