Grow Your Business With Webinars

Grow Your Business With Webinars

Grow Your Business With Webinars 2048 1152 Morgan Lawrence

A webinar is a proven tool for education and networking. They’re designed to provide technical information through audio and video communication. And although webinars have been around for years, they’re not disappearing anytime soon. With the growing number of professionals working remotely, webinars are becoming increasingly important in keeping individuals connected.

We live in a world where everything is a click away. You can order nearly anything on Amazon, find the answer to your questions on Google, and remain in communication with your industry peers via webinars. Live, virtual events, such as webinars, provide participants an opportunity to learn as they would at an in-person event — with the added advantage of saving time, money and other resources by tuning in from anywhere.

According to the Content Marketing Institute, 58% of marketers use webinars as part of their content marketing programs. And there’s still an opportunity for marketers to grow their business through webinars. Whether webinars are included in your marketing plans or you’re looking for ways to get started, we’ve outlined strategies to help you grow your business with webinars: 

  1. Create an outline to determine the content and resources necessary to achieve your goals. Outline SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound) goals to create a strategy for your webinars.   
  2. Determine the frequency of your webinars, and build an editorial calendar with topics to develop your content around. Avoid scheduling your webinars on holidays or during significant industry events. Focus on quality over quantity. 
  3. Complete your editorial calendar by creating webinar titles. Highlight three to five objectives you want to include in the webinar. It’s important to deliver useful or educational information, not a sales pitch. 
  4. Use your communications channels to promote the upcoming webinar. Harness your audience on social media and existing newsletter lists to tease the topics and objectives of the webinar. 
  5. Build your lists with lead generation. Webinars provide an opportunity to capture leads by requiring your attendees to sign up using their basic information (e.g., name, title, company and email). Use this information to target your audience once the webinar has passed. 
  6. Consider guest speakers to draw a larger attendance. If your goal is lead generation, tapping an industry expert as a guest on your webinar could help drive additional signups. 

Utilizing webinars provides your company with another way to interact with your audience, especially during this time of social distancing. Similar to blog posts and videos, webinars have the potential to become the ideal method of communication and training for business professionals.

If you’re looking for additional help on your webinar development and production, rAVe [CREATE] has proven strategies for developing professional, in-depth webinars for your audience.