How to Scale Your Social Media for Better Growth

How to Scale Your Social Media for Better Growth

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Maybe you’re still not convinced about the power of social media. Or you’re wondering what the benefit will be for your business. With more than 3.7 billion worldwide users, we can tell you your customers are already there. And social media usage is expected to skyrocket to 4.4 billion worldwide users by 2025.

The problem is, in the hypercompetitive world of social media, it can be easy for your brand presence to become stale. You’ve identified what works for you, maybe even developed a content marketing strategy, but you’ve stuck to it. You continue to post similar links, tag the same individuals or companies, use the same hashtags. Eventually, you’ve flatlined. Your engagement, reach and impressions have plateaued due to a lack of innovation and creativity. Instead of sticking with what you know, it’s important to try new things to stay fresh and relevant with your audience.

The unique thing about social media is that it’s always evolving. Twitter recently announced new features, including the ability for users to charge their followers for access to extra content. LinkedIn added live video streaming to connect people and engage like-minded communities. With new features and capabilities, there’s always something you can do to upgrade your social media strategy. Here are some steps you can take to scale your social media for better growth: 

  • Monitor social media with social-listening tools. Social listening is a technique, aided by technology, that allows you to measure and see what is being discussed on social media. It tracks real-time mentions of your brand; evaluates the influence and reach of the messages; analyzes relevant data to identify trends; and creates customized reports so you can understand the conversation. 
  • Keep track of your competitors. Many companies keep track of their competitors’ product announcements and new features, but they typically don’t monitor their competitors’ social media pages. Knowing what your competitors are doing on social media is helpful for your growth. Social listening tools can be helpful for monitoring your competitors, too. 
  • Share content that’s relevant to your audience. Content is the most critical element for increasing engagement, generating leads and boosting sales. It’s important to create a content planning strategy (we outlined tips for this in our recent blog) that’s unique to your brand yet relevant for your audience. 
  • Utilize varied formats and features. Amplify your content by incorporating a variety of elements, such as video, animated GIFs, memes and images. If you’re promoting products and services, stick to your unique brand voice. Use your voice to share exciting stories that will engage your audience. Ask questions and encourage discussions to increase engagement and build stronger relationships. 
  • Be responsive to comments and messages. Don’t leave your followers hanging. If your page receives comments or messages, respond in a timely manner. In your response, it’s important to listen to followers’ comments and consider their feedback. 

By sharing your content on social media, you have the power to reach an entirely new audience. As social media continues to evolve, there’s always opportunity for better growth.

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