Meet the Team: Katie Clark

Meet the Team: Katie Clark

Meet the Team: Katie Clark 2048 1365 Abbie Ashford

Meet the Team: Katie Clark

Katie Clark is the Assistant Editor at THE rAVe Agency.

What are three words to describe you? If I were to describe myself, I would say I am driven, practical and creative. 

What’s your favorite season? I would have to choose spring! Spring makes me feel refreshed, and I love seeing the daffodils bloom and baby animals running around. Spring weather is also so nice. I love being outdoors, so on the weekends, my boyfriend and I and our friends will play disc golf, go hiking and hang out outside during cookouts. I’m also an equestrian, so the warmer weather is great to ride in. I always feel a happier, warmer and lighter mood when spring rolls around.

What’s your favorite place to eat here? To be honest, I don’t eat food out a lot. I like to make or cook my own food! But, I enjoy going to KBBQ restaurants around Raleigh and Cary for special occasions. But other than that, I guess I will have to settle on Bar Taco as my favorite restaurant in the Chapel Hill area. It has a really fun vibe and outdoor seating, which I love! I’ve taken my dog there before and she seems to enjoy the vibe too.

What’s your favorite way to unwind after a busy day? My favorite way to rewind depends on what my day has consisted of, but typically I enjoy getting some type of exercise (the gym or a long walk with my dogs) before cooking dinner with my boyfriend. We often cook together and watch a show or movie, and sometimes I’ll read or write creativity before bed. I enjoy writing my own content and ideas at the end of the day. It actually clears my head, even after a long day of work! I also write and record my own music, so I go through phases of wanting to be creative in the evenings and practice music to wind down and relax. I don’t usually follow a specific routine — it just depends on the day.

What’s your favorite part about working at THE rAVe Agency? My favorite part about working for rAVe is the flexibility and creativity we all get here. Even though I am an editor, I like writing about events, covering trade shows, editing photos, assisting with client copy and more. Having variety in my role allows me to be creative and to learn as I grow professionally. The people are great too, but that’s obvious!

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