Podcasting to Build Brand Authority

Podcasting to Build Brand Authority

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Podcasts are one of the most popular marketing trends. There are currently more than one million podcasts and 30 million episodes. Every day, new companies are adding podcasts to their marketing strategy. And with around 104 million monthly listeners in the United States, there’s an opportunity for brands to reach new audiences. 

Podcasts are growing in popularity because of how their unique format fits into our daily lives. It’s easy to listen to a podcast while doing something else, like driving to work, walking the dog or cooking dinner. And anyone with a computer, tablet or smartphone can easily access podcasts. While some people tune in to podcasts on web browsers, 65% of listeners used a portable device, such as a smartphone or tablet, to stream in 2019.

It’s no secret that branding influences purchase decisions. If done right, podcasts are a great tool to infuse personality into your brand. You can tell your brand story, prove your expertise in a specific niche and position the organization as a thought leader. But, unfortunately, many brands use podcasts for the wrong reasons and only push sales tactics or read press releases. Here’s our take on how to use podcasts to promote your brand successfully: 

  • Determine your niche. Who is your target audience? What do you want them to know? What questions do you receive continuously? What social media posts drive the most traffic? Outline your target audience and their needs 一 this will allow you to create content that’s relevant, informational and high quality. 
  • Build a content calendar. A documented content calendar is key (we’ve detailed this a bit more in our recent blog, which talks about content planning). How frequently will you podcast? What trends and topics do you want to focus on? Incorporate your podcast topics into a content marketing plan to create cohesive communication. 
  • Interview industry influencers. Invite guests to speak on your podcast to diversify the conversation. In most cases, podcasts are much more interesting to listen to with two (or more) voices in the conversation. 
  • Engage your audience. Reward your listeners with exclusive offers. Or invite them to participate by submitting questions with a social media hashtag or via your website.  
  • Turn your podcasts into blog posts. A blog can improve your SEO (search engine optimization). Utilize the content you’ve already created for a podcast and turn it into a podcast to increase your SEO results. 
  • Share on your channels. Your podcast will reach a larger audience if you share the content on your social media outlets and distribute it to your newsletter subscribers. Use customized links, like Bitly links, to track the number of people clicking on the website link to the podcast. 

The familiarity and consistency of your podcast will aid in building your brand’s authority. Podcasting is an intimate medium, but it’s a powerful tool to share a deeper message and dig further into your brand’s story. If you’re looking for additional help in developing a content strategy, THE rAVe Agency has proven success in creating unique, engaging content for the AV industry.