Tips for Making Old Content New Again

Tips for Making Old Content New Again

Tips for Making Old Content New Again 1920 1080 Morgan Lawrence

What do the movies A Star is Born, The Great Gatsby, Batman, King Kong and the Jungle Book have in common? They’re well-loved films that have been remade. In most instances, films are remade to incorporate innovations in Hollywood’s film technology and, as a result, increase profitability.

Just like a good movie is worth remaking, good content is worth repurposing. Repurposing existing content and breathing new life into it is one of the best content marketing strategies. This doesn’t mean taking an old blog post and simply republishing it on a website. It means using existing content to create a new and different type of content.

First, you have to determine the pieces of content that perform best with your audience. Using Google Analytics, you can discover the most popular pages on your website. Do you want to highlight blog posts that have appeared in the most searches? Showcase content that has the most social media traffic? Or calculate the blogs that have been viewed most frequently? Once you’ve measured the most successful pieces of content, it’s time to breathe new life into it. Here are a few ideas to consider: 

  • Host a podcast: Over 140 million Americans listen to podcasts (source). Adapting an existing blog post into a podcast can reach a new audience that might not typically read blogs. 
  • Compile posts into a single eBook: Compile your best blog posts on a specific topic to create a comprehensive resource. Tip: ask your audience to submit their email address to receive a free copy of the eBook to increase your email subscription list. 
  • Reposition it for a new audience: While the original blog post might have performed well with a specific group of people, consider reworking the blog to fit a new audience and expand your reach.
  • Create social media content: Share snippets of your blog posts with your audience. You can share them in the form of “Did you Know” posts, infographics and charts, short videos or GIFs. 
  • Record a webinar or video: Webinars and videos are great tools for expanding on complex blog posts. They provide an excellent opportunity to speak with your audience through Q&As, too. Tip: Consider inviting other industry influencers to increase your audience reach. 

Adding a twist to old content can increase SEO and social media traffic while giving your best pieces of content more time in the spotlight. Recreating old content is much easier than creating new content, but it doesn’t mean that you can do it all the time. You should always prioritize new, relevant content to avoid boring your audience. Consider repurposing one piece of old content for every six pieces of original content that you create.

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