How to Create a Strong Brand Message

How to Create a Strong Brand Message

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A brand message includes the words or phrases used to describe a brand. It’s the language and phrasing that appears on the website, social media pages, printed materials and product packaging. It’s designed to promote a brand and the product or service — plus everything in between. If done well, a brand message explains to potential customers the underlying value proposition that brand provides.

A brand message could be a tagline or slogan. It could be your brand’s promise. Or, if you have a unique brand story, it could be a hashtag or campaign that ties into your story. (Check out our recent blog diving further into brand storytelling.) It could be inspirational, persuasive or conversational, but no matter what, it needs to be unique, easy to understand and compelling. Consistent brand messaging should reflect a brand’s values and speak to its unique audience to create a message that customers can connect with personally.

Southwest Airlines’ slogan, “That’s Transfarency,” represents its commitment to low fares with no additional fees, such as the traditional baggage, seat selection and change fees that other airlines charge. Spindrift, a trendy new seltzer containing just a few ingredients, like water and fresh squeezed fruit or vegetable juice, includes a “yup, that’s it.” message on its cans, website and social media to represent its mission to provide real, honest beverages.

These brands are two examples of how to own your voice and image. To do the same, here’s how you can create a successful brand message: 

  • Understand what makes your brand unique. What makes your brand different? What problem(s) does your product solve? Why would someone want to work with your brand instead of a competitor’s? For some companies, it’s a competitive advantage through technical innovation or product uniqueness; for others, it’s an exceptional level of customer service. 
  • Determine your target audience. To create an accurate brand message, you have to determine who you’re communicating with. Outline your target audience and determine their values. Do they care about technical innovation? Are they looking for customer support? What kind of language do they use? What channels (such as social media, newsletters or snail mail) do they use to communicate? 
  • Set your goals and values. What does your brand stand for? Do you give back to the community or donate to charity? Do you emphasize educational certifications? Do you have a unique company culture? Understand how you’re contributing to a better company, community or world, and use that as a tool to connect with your audience. 
  • Choose your tone of voice. Do you want to be known as a fun, playful brand? Is your audience elegant and, therefore, do they require a more serious tone? Take the time to invest in researching your target audience to determine how you need to communicate with them more clearly. 
  • Build a plan. How are you going to share your brand message? Are you going to create a tagline or slogan? Do you want to create a specific campaign? You can’t come this far just to quit! Develop a plan to communicate directly with your target audience. 

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