The Most Important Social Media Metrics to Track

The Most Important Social Media Metrics to Track

The Most Important Social Media Metrics to Track 1920 1080 Morgan Lawrence

Social media metrics are the data used to track your goals on social media. They help you determine if you’re meeting your goals, how many people you’re getting your message to and if you’re even reaching your target audience.

There are many different ways to track your success and trends on social media, but sometimes it’s hard to know which stats are actually worth analyzing. A helpful first step is to know your social media goals. They could be to increase website traffic, generate higher brand awareness, increase followers and engagement, make sales or anything else you can think of.

The name of each specific metric varies from platform to platform, but overall, the capabilities are the same. The following outlines the most common categories of metrics that you can use to evaluate your social media strategy. 

Engagement refers to how involved your audience is with your content. It can be measured in individual likes, comments, shares and clicks on any post. A post’s engagement rate is determined by dividing the number of engagements of a post by the reach, or number of unique viewers. A high engagement rate of above 4 to 5% means that viewers found your post interesting enough to interact with and even share. Account mentions are also a good indicator of engagement and high brand awareness. These are when people tag or mention your account organically or without prompt. Even within engagement as a category, certain metrics can tell you different things about your content. For example, if your goal was to showcase a visually pleasing picture, a lot of likes on a post may mean you met your goal. However, if your post had a call to action and there weren’t many shares or comments, this would indicate you probably have to improve your message. Engagement stats can be used to help you determine which posts did better and then use what you take away from that for future posts. 

Perception and Brand Awareness
Brand awareness and audience perception are measured by impressions and reach on social media posts. Impressions are how many times a post shows up on someone’s feed, whereas reach is the number of unique viewers a post might have. Goals can cross over between categories. For example, if your goal is to increase your brand awareness, you might want to increase engagement through shares on social media posts as well as the total number of accounts you reach. 

Share of Voice
Simply put, share of voice refers to your engagement on social media compared to that of your competitors. This metric is often used in public relations or in advertising campaigns. Because it also has to do with competitors, the share of voice is always rising and falling, and for that reason it is more likely to be an ongoing goal than one with a start and endpoint. Sentiment analysis, or how people think of you, is a useful share of voice metric as well. On many metrics measuring platforms, account mentions are assigned as positive, neutral or negative, and this helps determine how people are perceiving your brand compared to others’. 

Social Media ROI
Your social media return on investment is measured by referrals and conversions. Referrals are how a user arrives at your website, whether that be through social media, a search on the internet, or some other way. Conversions are when someone visits your website from social media and purchases something. If your goal is to increase your sales or website traffic, these are great metrics to watch. Your bounce rate is the number of people who land on your website and quickly navigate away. Obviously, you want this rate to be as low as possible and for people to stay on your website.

Social media only goes as far as the tools you have to measure your progress. Knowing your goals can help make social media metrics less intimidating so you know exactly what to put your energies into. There are many websites that can help you keep track of your metrics across all of your platforms. If you’re looking for additional help interpreting your social media metrics, rAVe [CREATE] has proven success in social media marketing for the AV industry.