The Future of Public Relations

The Future of Public Relations

The Future of Public Relations 8005 4506 Morgan Lawrence

Good public relations is the professional maintenance of a favorable public image by a company or organization. It’s a profession that’s hard to automate — it simply needs that human touch. When the pandemic threw a wrench into the workforce in 2020 and was followed by another full year of adaptation and unpredictability, the PR industry was forced, like everyone else, to adapt. The spread of disinformation across social media, people working remotely and changes in societal behavior are some of the more challenging aspects that affected the landscape of PR in the last few years.

Things have settled down some, but we’re seeing a number of other developments on the horizon that could challenge, and expand, the role of PR in the future. The following are some we expect to see.

As technology continues to evolve at a rapid pace, the public relations industry will have to fully embrace and further the realm of digital marketing. It’s already clear that the reputation of a company relies on how it is seen online. Here we see PR as even more of a visual medium, as online content has become more visual than ever before. It’s worth keeping in mind how the lines between news and marketing have become blurred, as many rely on social media and online content for “news.”

Emerging technologies, such as artificial intelligence, data mining and automation, have already reached the world of public relations. These new technologies will bring further change in the years to come. AI-driven software will distribute news stories and select the news we want to hear. This is already happening today on YouTube, Facebook and other social media platforms. Combined with data mining, AI will ensure that more people within a targeted audience will see and hear news.

Storytelling has experienced a huge surge, and it’s only going to become more vital. It’s no secret that storytelling is an effective form of communication. We all know someone who can captivate an entire audience through storytelling. But, unlike these great storytellers you may know, relatively few brands have successfully created a compelling brand story using narrative techniques that excite emotional response and drive sales. As technology advances and audiences change, the way content is viewed will offer many benefits to brands as long as their stories are engaging and targeted to the right audience.

The need for storytelling will continue to grow. In an all-digital media future, telling good stories will be more important than ever. At THE rAVe Agency, we remain sharply focused on the many developments in the public relations industry. You can trust us to help keep your brand relevant and effectively promoted. If you’re looking for additional help in developing your brand story, rAVe [STORYTELLING] has proven strategies for creating an extraordinary, unique story that builds loyal customers.